International Trade Fairs

International Trade Fairs

Participation in international trade fairs has been developed with the main goal of supporting companies’ participation in selected fairs.

  • To operationalize actions to promote trade of meat meals and fats of animal origin on the international market;

  • To contribute to the development of an export culture in the Brazilian meat meals and fats of animal origin industries;

  • To provide new contacts with potential customers in regions that have been underexploited by Brazilian exporters;

  • To increase the export base of the Brazilian meat meals and fats of animal origin industries;

  • To keep Brazilian industries informed about new business opportunities in the international meat meals and fats of animal origin market;

  • To keep in touch with other organizations so as to get closer to potential customers.



The international buyer project has been developed with the main goal of stimulating exports and partnerships between Brazilian and international companies, which can, by taking part in business meetings, get the opportunity to draw up cooperation agreements to transfer technologies and boost exports. Furthermore, one of the characteristics of this type of activity is to encourage commercial interests between international companies and small and medium-sized companies, which very often do not have access to the international market.


The primary goals of the Buyer Project are:

  • To enable potential buyers to visit and get to know more about the Brazilian animal rendering market;

  • To expand and make cooperation agreements with international organizations, bringing the invited bodies closer together;

  • To create the opportunity for visitors and Brazilian companies to do business, form joint ventures, sign technological cooperation agreements, and form partnerships, stimulating commercial interest in both parties;

  • To invite countries that do not know about the Brazilian market’s potential and that are not traditional buyers of animal rendering products, opening up a whole world of opportunities through these visits.

Image Project

Image Project

The Image Project is focused on publicizing the animal rendering industry abroad, making differentiated use of the power of spontaneous media through welcoming specialist international journalists and opinion formers.

The presence of international journalists enables the professionalism and quality of our product to be assessed without bias. A journalist’s opinion when expressed in an editorial brings greater visibility to the Brazilian animal rendering industry.


The primary goals of the Image Project are:

  • To use the specialist press to publicize Brazilian animal rendering products all over the world;

  • To strengthen the image of the industry as a whole;

  • To sensitize more and more businesspeople to the production of animal rendering products;

  • To install and strengthen the industry, attracting more and more adherents;

  • To enable information to be exchanged between international journalists and all the domestic industry;

  • To allow international journalists get to know and discover what the industry is capable of.