Brazilian Rendering Association (ABRA) is a not-for-profit trade association. It was founded in 2006 by Brazilian Animal Waste Products (AWP) processors, and is headquartered in Brasília.

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  • To represent the industry in Brazil by having an influence on the development of public policies that stimulate the production and consumption of meat meals and fats of animal origin;

  • To guarantee the quality, soundness and sustainability of the production of meat meals and fats of animal origin;

  • To be the official source of statistics for the industry;

  • To stimulate the technological, innovative and scientific development of the industry through partnerships with universities and similar institutions;

  • To stimulate and ensure that associates share high ethical relationships with one another, and with third parties;

  • To develop studies and research of interest to the industry and government bodies, providing them with permanent collaboration, and including advisory and consultancy services;

  • To encourage relationships with similar trade associations, providing them with permanent collaboration, in order to improve business representation;

  • To stimulate and collaborate with effective inspection procedures for everyone that is outside the regulations and ordinance of the Ministry of Agriculture and of other regulatory bodies;

  • To strive for giving the industry a positive image;

  • To defend the industry, when accessing new markets, and monitoring tariff and non-tariff barriers imposed on our products, both on the domestic and international markets;


  • To represent the Brazilian animal rendering industry, at the domestic and international levels, striving for quality, soundness and sustainability, and highlighting its economic, social and environmental importance.


  • To be recognized as an organization that is committed to the sustainable development of the animal waste product rendering industry.


  • Carrying out ethical, representative actions to the satisfaction of the associates. Promote the products generated by the quality standard achieved, ethical commitment, respect for consumers and sustainability.