Fish Meal

Fishmeal is a powdered, crushed product resulting from the partial defatting and thermal drying of fish and fish parts. The raw material used comes from establishments supervised by competent bodies. It is processed strictly within the rules of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA). Antioxidants can be used to prevent the fats from being oxidized. It is a safe product, which contains high protein, excellent digestibility and palatability.



  • Costs: reduction in feed formulation cost.
  • Nutrients: product rich in essential amino acids, minerals (phosphorus and calcium) and polyunsaturated essential oils, therefore, improves brain function (pets and other animals), protects the cardiac system, and prevents joint pain.
  • Palatability: increases the palatability of the feed improving food efficiency, growth and absorption of nutrients.
  • Safety: it is free of allergenic or anti-nutritional factors.



Fish meal is used as an ingredient in the production of balanced animal feed, mainly shrimp, fish, dogs and cats. Highly appreciated for its attractive taste. Fish meal also contributes with significant fractions of polyunsaturated fatty acids, i.e., contain Omega 3 and 6.

Prohibited use in ruminant feed.