Blood meal

Blood meal is a powdered and crushed product resulting from the cooking and drying of animal blood, made by the red cells and free of any contaminant. The raw material (fresh blood) used is collected in establishments supervised by competent bodies. It is processed strictly within the rules of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA).

It has high protein value, which is its greatest nutritional characteristic, and presents advantages in the formulation of animal feed, acting as an alternative protein source to plant sources, allowing the production of balanced feed with lower formulation cost. Blood meal is usually sold in paper bag.



  • Costs: reduction in feed formulation cost;
  • Nutrients: product rich in essential amino acids and minerals;
  • Palatability: improves the palatability of the feed;
  • Safety: it is free of allergenic or anti-nutritional factors.



Blood meal is used as an ingredient for the balanced production of animal feeds (birds, pigs, fish, crustaceans and pet food). Highly appreciated for its attractive taste.

Prohibited use in ruminant feed.