Poultry Viscera Oil

Oily product, obtained simultaneously to the manufacture of poultry viscera meal, consisting of the fatty fraction separated from the flesh parts, viscera, heads and feet of birds. Its manufacturing process aims to preserve its quality, especially when intended to be used as an ingredient in animal feed, since it has great energetic value. The raw material used is collected in establishments supervised by competent bodies. It is processed according to the standards of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA). Antioxidants may be used in their composition to prevent them from being oxidized. It has advantages in formulating feed for non-ruminant animals, improving feed palatability and better cost/benefit ratio. Viscera oil is marketed in bulk.

  • Costs: reduction in feed formulation cost;
  • Nutrients: high energy value;
  • Palatability: improves the palatability of the feed;
  • Safety: it is free of allergenic or anti-nutritional factors.

The poultry viscera oil is used in the formulation and manufacture of feed for pork, birds, fish, shrimp and pet food, in the manufacture of biodiesel and as a caloric source in boilers.

Prohibited use in ruminant feed.