Gelatin is a naturally occurring food ingredient, non-allergenic, free of cholesterol and fat. In addition to being a pure protein that is completely digestible. Gelatins are obtained through partial hydrolysis of collagen contained in raw materials, especially pig skin, bovine hides and bones. During the process, the naturally insoluble collagen is transformed into hot water-soluble gelatin. It can be sold in powder form or in solid semitransparent sheets. It is a product free of taste and odor, being very flexible in several applications.

The main advantages in use are

  • Protein with low caloric value and high nutritional value, increasing satiety.
  • Presents 9 out of 10 essential amino acids for humans.
  • Does not contain fat and cholesterol.
  • Collagen source:
    – provides the formation of muscle mass;
    – combats sagging and stretch marks maintaining the skin’s shine and hydration;
    – strengthen the ligaments and tendons by joining the muscles to the bones; and
    – helps in bone formation.

Product used for

Gelatine has gelling, sparkling, emulsifying, stabilizing, adherent and clarifying features and are complemented by several characteristics that make it irreplaceable in many applications, whether in the pharmaceutical, food, pet food and even technical applications. For example, gelatin can be used in the manufacture of soft and hard medicine capsules, in confectionery, yogurt, sausages and many other foods.