Sustained by four pillars: excellence, sustainability, reliability, improvement, in 1998 a group of entrepreneurs idealized a company specialized in the production of meal and oils of animal origin from the processing of by-products from slaughterhouses. Based in the city of Concórdia, in Santa Catarina/BR, the company processes raw material for poultry, swine, cattle and fish.
The Farol has a processing capacity of more than 40 thousand tons of raw materials per month and a monthly production capacity of more than 12 thousand tons of meals and oils. It has approximately 600 employees, in addition to its own fleet with more than 70 trucks to transport raw materials and finished products.


Swine meal, swine white grease, pork scratching meal, feather meal, poultry meal (turkey and chicken), poultry oil, blood meal, cattle meat and bone meal, meat and bone meal, fish meal, deodorized fish oil and fish oil.


Eduardo Argenton
Douglas Argenton

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