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The agreement between the Brazilian Renderers Association and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) is a partnership for the execution of the Brazilian Renderers Project that exists since 2012, with successive and uninterrupted contract renovations.

The project has always been guided by the promotion of animal meals and fats produced in Brazil and the expansion of Brazilian Rendering industries in the international market. Through this initiative, actions are taken to expand, recognize and qualify the sector abroad.

The actions always include sustainability, innovation, intelligence and commercial promotion, with business missions, participation in fairs abroad and technical improvement.

In this sense, the Brazilian Renderers brand aims to: align expectations and initiatives, private and government, representing the Brazilian animal Rendering sector, develop and occupy a strategic position on the international stage, put itself at the service of businesses, companies and initiatives excellence, present your message in a clear and objective way, to be understood by different cultures, inspire to reinforce the quality and advantages of Brazilian products, solving possible problems of image perception and creating meaning for the internal public and for the market.

Apex-Brasil > Agribusiness > ANIMAL RENDERING > Project Name: BRAZILIAN RENDERERS


  • Increase exports of rendering products: MEALS (Beef and bone beef, Poultry viscera, Hydrolyzed feather, Swine meat and bones, Blood fish meals), FATS (Grease, Poultry oil, Pork grease and Fish oil), BLOOD PRODUCTS, PALATABILIY EHANCERS  and HIDROLISAD PROTEIN of animal origin;
  • Develop the management of the BRAZILIAN RENDERERS brand;
  • Operationalize the commercial promotion actions for meals, fats, blood products, palatability and hidrolisad protein of animal origin in the international market;
  • Contribute to the development of the export culture of the Brazilian meal, fat, blood products, palatability and hidrolisad protein of animal origin.
  • industries of animal origin;
  • Provide new contacts with potential customers in regions little explored by Brazilian exporters;
  • Increase the export base of the Brazilian meal, fat, blood products, palatabiliy ehancers and hydrolysed protein of animal origin derivatives industries;
  • To keep Brazilian industries informed about new business opportunities in the international market for meals and fats of animal origin;
  • Maintain contact with other organizations to approach potential customers.

How to Participate

The Brazilian Renderers project is a group of industries of the Brazilian rendering sector that have an interest, planning and investment projection in the international market, through the export or internationalization of the company.

Any company interested in participating in the program should contact us by phone (61) 3201-7199 or by email so that we can present the Project in detail and answer questions.

The minimum requirements for the company to participate in the project are:

  • To be a company with headquarters or production subsidiary in Brazil;
  • Registration of legal entity (CNPJ) active with the Federal Revenue of Brazil;
  • Registration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA);
  • Comply with labor legislation;
  • Comply with environmental legislation;
  • To count on a qualified team that carries out or is interested in carrying out continuous export activity;
  • Indicate a person responsible for the relationship between the Project / Company;
  • Keep the company and its products records updated;
  • Participate in the Project’s actions, evaluations and research on the company and on the results of actions;
  • Comply with the financial and technical account of your own participation in the Project’s actions.

After evaluation whether it is possible to fulfill these requirements, the company must complete and sign the Term of Adhesion” to the Brazilian Renderers Project, a partnership between APEX-BRASIL – BRAZILIAN RENDERERS, a requirement of Apex-Brasil according to its Manual of Agreements, in which the company agrees with the general rules of the Project and provides basic information for its inclusion in the most appropriate export profile within the project.


Brazilian Renderers Project Management Committee

Responsible for project management, results and corrections in the strategy

Competence: to strategically think about the sector’s competitiveness, evaluate the project’s execution, propose corrections and monitor them

Meet each semester and present the meeting minutes to the Apex-Brasil accounts



  • Decio Coutinho – Executive President of ABRA and Legal Responsible for the Project
  • Juliano L. Hoffmann – Foreign Market Manager at ABRA and Project Manager
  • Lucas Soares Portela – Internal Marketing Coordinator and Coordinator of Operations and Project Initiatives
  • Moisés Matos – Administrative Assistant at ABRA and Project Finance

Group of Members of Abra’s Export Chamber (CAMEX-ABRA):