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Member Companies

Within the theme of internationalization of companies, there is a degree in terms of export maturity. The greater the maturity of a company, the greater its export capacity, as it knows the processes for shipping goods abroad, has knowledge of market prospecting and develops commercial contacts in other countries. The measurement of maturity can go through several factors, such as those previously mentioned.

The export range observes the revenue obtained from exports of products from the rendering sector, measuring the indicator in millions of dollars. The number of destinations demonstrates the ability to expand the customer portfolio, generating resilience for its exports, that is, the greater the number of destinations, the more export maturity a company has.

The stratification made in this project qualifies companies according to six maturity ranges, which range from no revenue to a total revenue of more than US $ 20 million. As for destinations, the ranges from no export destination to companies that have access to more than 10 markets.

Below are the companies participating in the Brazilian Renderers Project.

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