Diana Pet Food is the global leader and pioneer of high value solutions improving pets’ well being and owners’ satisfaction.
SPF teams have a deep understanding of animals’ needs and specificities, pet owners’ expectations and pet food attributes. This enabled them to develop a high expertise in terms of pets’ preferences, and how palatability affects cats and dogs’ feeding behavior. Going beyond the simple measurement of the performance of a palatability enhancer by analyzing all dimensions of pet food products, from the ingredients to the final production process.
Diana Pet Food belongs to Symrise Group and it is present in 5 continents, and counts with 17 industrial plants and 18 commercial offices.


Diana Pet Food’s expert brands are providing multiple solutions to pet food manufacturers: SPF develops palatability enhancers, while Vivae specializes in health solutions, and Videka concentrates on pet food protection. With Odalia, Diana Pet Food develops solutions for litters, oral, body and health care. Diana Pet Food’s expert measurement-center, Panelis, validates the performance of expert brands solutions, and of customers’ products.


Thais Silva
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