The FASA Group was created on December of 2010 by the merge of two renderers
groups: the Faros do Brasil Group, with more than 35 years of tradition and considered one of the largest companies in the animal recycling segment in Brazil, and the SAPI Group, with over 50 years of tradition in Italy and with great experience in the international market. In 2016 the Chilean company Corpesca, belonging to Angelini Group, joined Fasa Group bringing its experience of more than 65 years of global operations in the marine and animal proteins and vegetable segments.
The Fasa Group is among the largest in the rendering industry in South America.

Social and environmental sustainability are the basis for the manufacture of new products and the improvement of existing ones with new technologies. Fasa Group has 13 industrial facilities for processing and recycling animal byproducts in Brazil and one in Mexico. The company maintains commercial relations with the main feedmeal producers for poultry, swine and fish, petfood industries and the hygiene / beauty segment as well in Brazil and abroad, in countries such as: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, United States, South Africa, among others.


Meat and bone meal, bovine tallow, pork meal, pork fat, poultry meal, hydrolyzed feather meal, poultry oil, blood meal, recycled cooking oil.


Robinson Huyer
Marcelo Klein

+55 (51) 3714-9800