Granvitória is the leading company in the segment of collection and processing of animal products in the state of Espírito Santo/BR. It processes in separate lines each type of raw material generating different meals with high nutritional value and standardization, in agreement with the requirements of the Brazilian governmental agencies and of the clients.

The company is located in a region where there is a great production of poultry and swines. Among its products, there are premium and high protein (more than 50% protein) meals, as well as bovine tallow for the soap and biodiesel industries. Granvitória has also invested in new projects, all focused on sustainability and education. The agreements with colleges for the qualification of employees and the adult education project in which more than 90 people were already educated between employees and the community are also worth to mention.


Meat and bone meal, premium meat meal, high protein meat and bone meal (more than 50% protein), blood meal, poultry meal, feather meal and viscera meal; viscera oil and bovine tallow.


Renato Marciliano
Gilberto Gavioli
Vera Rouver
+55 (27) 3277-1188