Hemoprot processes blood from cattle and pigs and converts it into protein powder – hemoglobin and plasma – which are used as food and ingredients for animal nutrition. The company has three plants in Brazil: in Lins-SP, in Mundo Novo – MS, and in Nossa Senhora do Livramento – MG. Powdered plasma is widely used in the diet of animals, especially in critical stages of development, such as weaning piglets, dogs and cats, early life of broilers and laying hens, in diets in the larval and juvenile phases of fish and shrimp, as they provide highly digestible protein, acts to protect the flora of the intestine of animals from the attack of pathogenic bacteria. Another highlight is Hemoglobin Powder used as a protein source and flavoring in diets of lactating sows, piglets, dogs, cats, fish, shrimp, among others.


Powdered pig hemoglobin, powdered bovine hemoglobin, powdered pig plasma, powdered bovine plasma and powdered eggs.


Guido Ludvig
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