Factory of meals and oils

In April this year, Levo Alimentos acquired Folem Indústria e Comercial S/A, which has been manufacturing animal meals and fats for more than 15 years. The unit is located in Tupãssi, in the west of Paraná, and receives the raw materials from establishments duly registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) and inspected by the Federal Inspection Service (SIF), with efficient logistics, which guarantees products with excellent quality standards.

About Levo Alimentos

Levo Alimentos is the result of a joint venture between Pluma Agroavícola and C.Vale (Agroindustrial Cooperative). The company started slaughtering poultry in 2020, in Umuarama, Paraná, and currently has two more slaughterhouses, one recently inaugurated in Iporã-PR and another in Capanema-PR. Levo Alimentos owns the entire production chain, ranging from the creation of breeders, production of fertile eggs and feed factory, with a capacity of 35,000 tons/month.

The company already has three hatcheries, two in Nova Olímpia-Pr and another opened in August 2022, in the city of Iporã-PR – the latter is considered the largest hatchery in the country, with a capacity for incubation of 13.5 million eggs per month. In addition, it has two distribution units for refrigerated products, one in Brasília–DF and another in Colombo–PR.

With more than 2,500 employees, Levo Alimentos has a mission to produce quality food, taking care of people and the environment.


Poultry offal meal, feather and blood meal, fish meal, poultry offal oil and fish oil.


Rodrigo Francisco
+55 (44) 3055-7010