Nutribelo was founded on November 23, 2012 by a group of entrepreneurs with the objective of creating a company specialized in rendering animal meals and fats processing the raw material from their industries (slaughter and deboning) which currently accounts for 90% of the plant’s total processing.

Nutribelo products are recognized in the market for excellent quality standards and efficiently serve the animal feed industries (swine, poultry, fish and pets) as well as the organic fertilizer industry.

The company has the capacity to process 300 tons of raw materials per day. It has own fleet for the flow of its production and for the collection of product. They have a qualified technical area with specialized engineers and technicians, who, added to the other 150 direct employees who work in the management and production, work for the continuous improvement, in order to guarantee quality to the products manufactured.


Meat and bone meal, blood meal and bovine tallow.


Bruno Rodrigues
+55 (35) 3832-5577