Grupo Patense is guided by sustainable initiatives and has become a world reference for reinventing the sector and treasuring people, in addition to investing in cutting-edge technology. This challenging path worked and characterizes the company’s unique operating model.

Patense, Farol, and Pets Mellon are the inseparable brands that compose the group and serve different regions and purposes.

The forerunner brand, which names the group, was founded in 1970, and so many decades of exceptional work give credibility and trust to the rendering market. Patense practices the recycling of organic waste of animal origin, and from this production, countless other products are manufactured, and partnerships are consolidated.

That said, Farol operates in the same segment and with the same quality and differs in Brazilian states’ scope. Patense is in Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Mato Grosso do Sul. Farol, in turn, is in the southern region: Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

Acting as Copacker for several other renowned brands in Brazil and worldwide, we also have Pets Mellon, which provides a wide variety of products for pet nutrition. Its plant in Votuporanga – SP impresses with its technology and expansion, attracting international partnerships combined with the group’s years of tradition.

Finally, the latest investments added the BioSea and Originalis brands to the team, headquartered in Ceará, expanding our actions to the Brazilian northeast. In this way, the group is present in a large part of our country’s territory, which has continental dimensions.

To bring together and align our purposes, the ProFat trade was created to ensure the logistical efficiency of multiple negotiations and to meet the needs of all our customers and partners.


Industrial bovine tallow, bovine tallow for animal feed, bovine meat meal, swine meat meal, swine white grease, poultry meal, hydrolyzed feather meal, poultry oil, blood meal, fish meal and fish oil.


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