The feed industry Patense is among the largest Brazilian animal rendering companies. There are almost 50 years of history providing products with the highest quality, allied to the certification of sustainable supply to the largest animal feed, biofuel and hygiene industries in Brazil. We also have the experience of almost a decade exporting to all continents. The company still has the most modern equipment to guarantee the standardization and total traceability of the products offered.

The environment is one of the priority pillars of the group, so it invests heavily in the modernization of its fleet, with vehicles that are more economical and that pollute less, the water generated in its operations is returned to nature in the form of organic fertilizer, its sources of energy electricity and steam for the entire industry come from a biomass boiler, and can even use the gas that is generated by its bio-digesters.


Industrial bovine tallow, bovine tallow for animal feed, bovine meat meal, swine meat meal, swine white grease, poultry meal, hydrolyzed feather meal, poultry oil, blood meal, fish meal and fish oil.


Leandro Gonçalves
Dário Kitazono França
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