RPF’s breeding, production and industrialization is based on a value chain that is sustainable and profitable for all its stakeholders. This starts with the choice and genetic management of the animal, through to the supply of inputs and raw materials for animal feed, slaughter and production of pork protein, right up to its commercialization, with excellent cost-benefit products and guaranteed quality.

We operate in the production and administration of important inputs for pig farming, generating raw materials for the animal nutrition, cosmetics and biofuel industries.

The creation of solutions is the work of a multidisciplinary team at RPF Group, which is constantly researching, studying and analyzing the best market practices and their benefits.

With segregated operations, the Solutions division has two strands: the production of inputs for animal nutrition and grease, each of which works independently and sustainably, without harming the environment or animal life.

Although different and managed separately, the two solutions are essential parts of pig farming.

The rendering industry processes slaughter waste, with the main supplier of raw materials being the meatpacking plant itself, which is within the technological industrial complex, and has traceability from reception to dispatch of these products. The quality control sector is responsible for all monitoring of the processing stages, and also has an in-house laboratory where analyses are carried out for the release of all production before it is dispatched, guaranteeing that all products comply with legislation, as well as the demands and requirements of each client.


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