Integra was formed in 2001 by the strength and vision of its shareholders. With the first objective of generating competitiveness to the small and medium companies that, at that time, began and faced what were the giants of the poultry market.

Currently, with the help of the company, its shareholders are the third largest poultry slaughterer in Brazil, reaching an amount of 2.4 million birds per day, as well as the number one position in commercial genetics with production of 2.2 million day-old chicks. These are significant figures that make Integra and its shareholders an important impellent in poultry farming in the State of Paraná and Brazil. The importance of its shareholders locally is reflected in the number of jobs generated that are more than 100 thousand direct and 400,000 indirect ones, in more than five Brazilian states with an emphasis on the State of Paraná. In animal rendering, it presents modern machinery and processes that generate products with excellence, standardization, and always seek customer satisfaction.


Poultry feather meal, poultry meal and poultry oil.


Juliana Cappellazzo Souto
+55 (44) 2103-6600