LPX Agroindustrial LTDA is a company engaged in the collection and rendering of animal by products, generated by slaughterhouses, tanneries, butcher shops, meat shops, markets, etc. Starting its operations in 2012, LPX AGROINDUSTRIAL practices industrialization, through the rendering process, of meat, bone, tallow, fat, to extract four final products: Bovine Tallow, Mixed Animal Fat, Meat and Bone and Mixed Meat and Bone Meal. Under the sanitary aspect, our industrial plant is registered by the Federal Inspection Service under nº.1357. Company qualified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply to export its goods to several countries. The company combines tradition and innovation, constantly investing in technology, process improvement, quality gain and clean production, which is registered with the municipal government of Campo Grande, to provide transport services to the Largest animal by-products generators from the municipality.


Meat and Bone Meal, Mixed Meat and Bone Meal, Bovine Tallow and Mixed Animal Fat.


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+55 (67) 99263-4965