Minerva Foods is the South American leader in beef exports, which also operates in the processing segment, selling its products to over 100 countries. Currently, the Company has a daily slaughtering capacity of 26,380 head of cattle and daily beef deboning capacity equivalent to 27,966 head of cattle.

In addition to Brazil, Minerva Foods is present in Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Chile, through its subsidiary Athena Foods, a company that was born a leading global exporter of South American beef. Minerva Foods and Athena Foods supply five continents with beef and its cattle byproducts and currently operate 25 slaughter and deboning plants, 14 international offices, 14 distribution centers and 3 processing plants. In the 12 months ended June 30, 2019, the Company recorded gross sales revenue of R$17.8 billion, 14% more than in the same period in 2018.

Minerva Ingredients has plants in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia and Argentina that process cattle parts generated by meatpacking units, producing approximately 20,000 tons of meat and bone meal and around 12,000 tons of tallow per month.

Minerva Biodiesel produces renewable energy from beef tallow and other raw materials. With more than eight years of operation and supported by the most diversified beef production platform in South America, the Company uses its own technology to produce produces biodiesel, with a production capacity of 200m³/day.

With this business strategy, Minerva Foods verticalizes the brand through a production chain that enables a diversified, efficient and sustainable operation.


Meat and bone meal, blood meal, tallow, severed femur, penis, ear, bladder, trachea and leather meal.


Brasil: Wesley Izidoro: +55 17 98127-6431
Paraguai/Colombia: Fabian Rolon +59 5 993 533339
Argentina/Uruguai: Ezequiel Ansaldi +54 9 3412257633