Minerva Foods is the leader in beef exports in South America and one of the largest companies in the production and sale of fresh beef and its derivatives in the region. In addition to Brazil, Minerva Foods is present in Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, and has units specialized in sheep in Australia, with more than 21,000 employees. The company serves five continents with beef, lamb and its derivatives, exporting to more than 100 countries, and currently operates 32 operational units, 12 international offices and 14 distribution centers.

The company makes the effort to be part of the solution in the transition to a low-carbon economy, combining the preservation of natural resources, guaranteeing animal welfare, in addition to solid governance instruments, based on precepts of ethics, integrity and care for people.

It has a public commitment to sustainability to combat climate change and illegal deforestation through strategic initiatives. Among the already completed and ongoing goals is to reach net zero emissions by 2035, 15 years ahead of schedule in the Paris Agreement.

Advances in the ESG agenda have been reflected in market recognition. Minerva Foods is part of the 2022/2023 portfolio of the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) of the Brazilian Stock Exchange. This will be the third consecutive year that the company is included in the ISE. In addition, the Company is also part of the Carbon Efficient Index (ICO2) portfolio, comprising shares of companies that adopt transparent practices regarding their greenhouse gas emissions.

Through the Minerva Ingredients division, the company also operates in the production and sale of bovine by-products, such as tallow, meat and bone meal and bovine blood, in addition to bones for pet food, ingredients for cleaning, hygiene and cosmetic products.

The production process guarantees a high quality standard for the products offered by Minerva Ingredients, as it follows the most rigorous self-control programs, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Standard Operating Hygiene Procedure (PPHO), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and others, which are monitored by the Quality Control team, responsible for ensuring the high food standards of the company’s units, in addition to having a guarantee of origin, certification, traceability and the control seal of the Brazilian Federal Inspection (SIF).

All raw materials, that is, production and deboning waste, come 100% from the company’s industrial units. These have important national and international quality and animal welfare certifications. The origin animals, as well as the supplying properties, are tracked and certified with positive practices in ESG, environmental, labor and land aspects in all biomes. In this way, the company invests in a prosperous and sustainable production chain, from raw materials to industrialization.

At Minerva Ingredients, the focus on operational excellence contributes to constant improvements in processes, reduction of carbon emissions and the development of new products for the most diverse markets in the world.


Meat and bone meal (40%, 45% and 50% protein). Tallow, blood meal, sectioned femur, whip, ear, bladder, trachea and bovine leather shavings.


Guilherme Palumbo
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