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Brazilian Renderers was a significant presence at FENAGRA 2022, between May 10 and 11, in São Paulo. This is the largest Animal Rendering Fair in Brazil.

Workshop – International Panel on Animal Rendering

During Fenagra 2022, the International Animal Rendering Panel Workshop, which brought together participants in the virtual and online formats, from various parts of Brazil and the world took place, providing an overview of the production and future prospects for the international market for animal meals and fats. The event was attended by: the president of the North American Renderers Association (NARA), Kent Swister and the president of the World Renderers Organization (NARA), Lucas Cypriano as panelists.

It is the Brazilian Renderers project bringing Brazil’s industries closer to the international market.



Brazilian Renderers

Since 2012, ABRA and ApexBrasil have promoted the Brazilian Renderers project with the objective of promoting exports from the Animal Rendering sector – meals, fats, blood products, palatabiliy ehancers and hydrolysed protein of animal origin, only inedible products for animal nutrition. Through participation in fairs, workshops and other special commercial promotion actions, the projects value attributes of the animal recycling industry and its products – such as quality, sanitary status and production sustainability – and value the international brands of the products, fostering new business for Brazilian exporters. You can find out how to participate in the sector’s projects on

About ABRA

ABRA is an entity that represents the industries in the animal rendering sector that produce meals, fats, blood products, palatabiliy ehancers and hydrolysed protein of animal origin, only inedible products for animal nutrition. It is a non-profit entity. The company was founded in 2006 and works to promote its members, publicize actions aimed at the segment, mediate the relationships with other entities and governmental bodies, in addition to promoting the creation of businesses in the national and international markets. For more information, visit:

About ApexBrasil

The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) acts to promote Brazilian products and services abroad and attract foreign investments to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. The Agency carries out diversified trade promotion actions aimed at promoting exports and valuing Brazilian products and services abroad, such as prospective and trade missions, business roundtables, support for the participation of Brazilian companies in major international fairs, and visits by foreign buyers and influencers to learn about the Brazilian productive structure, among other business platforms that also aim to strengthen “Brazil” as a brand. ApexBrasil also acts in a coordinated manner with public and private actors to attract foreign direct investments (FDI) to Brazil, focusing on strategic sectors for the development of the competitiveness of Brazilian companies and the country. To learn more, visit:


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